Dean Sampano Gets Standing Ovation at the Canadian Automotive Institute
I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude for the extraordinary presentation you made at the Canadian Automotive Institute on Wednesday, November 24th. You have an incredible talent and an outstanding ability to inspire and lift people up. I cannot thank you enough and we are indeed indebted to you for your outstanding presentation on sales and leadership.

Jack Brown, Professor, The Canadian Automotive Institute, Georgian College

Vision Television
To Listen to Dean Sampano speak about building great relationships, is for many people a once in a life time experience. He has risen to accomplish financial wealth but he has never forgotten how to treat people with kindness and respect and I have seen him change people for the better.

Eric Puranen, Vision Television

Dealer Solutions Canada
Dean Sampano is one of those people you only meet once in your life and his training and speaking style leaves most people energized and empowered. He has this rare ability to connect with people and affect their lives in a positive manner. If you are looking for a truly great motivator, trainer and speaker, I highly recommend Dean Sampano and if you are fortunate enough to spend even a little time with him, you will be truly amazed.

Farid Ahmad, President, Dealer Solutions Canada

Cornerstone Executive & Life Coaching
Dean Sampano truly is a gifted speaker who has been a major contributor to our motivational and coaching workshops and possess a wealth of knowledge leadership but best of all he lives it in his every word and actions.

Dr. Moses Simuyemba, Chief Executive Officer, CPA

Honda Dealer
I have contracted Dean Sampano to teach sales and leadership to my people many times over 20 years and the positive effect he has had on my company has been extraordinary. A few years back, he came in and did a sales training program that helped us double our bottom line and best of all he cares about people and I can think of no higher calling.

Greg Johnston, President, Barrie Honda

Report on Business Magazine
Some liken Dean Sampano to the other great sales trainers such as Jackie B. Copper and while I have seen many speakers over the years, I personally watched Dean Sampano electrify a room. His presentation is very smooth, fast and vibrant and he had people on the edge of their seat, who else can do that and quote Solomon and Archimedes too?

Trevor Cole, Report on Business Magazine & The Globe and Mail

Philanthropist & Anti-Poverty Advocate

Hall of Fame Music Legend Tom Cochrane Presents Dean Sampano With Picture World Vision Gala

"It all about the kids, and It was great to Honor Tom for his years of service, but also to honor all the people at World Vision, who devote their lives to making the world a better place."

"We will never improve our lives until we improve our service".... Dean Sampano