Dean Sampano

Dean Sampano is a philanthropist, professional speaker, anti-poverty advocate, and a self-made millionaire who believes in giving back. Dean has provided aid and rolled up his sleeves, in some of the world's poorest countries including, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Congo, Malawai, Mozambique and he is also a proud Special Olympics Coach. Dean is also regarded by many as one of Canada's top business consultants and keynote speakers.

Dean founded Mass Consultants Canada in 1992 and grew it into one of Canada's premier leadership and sales training companies. Today when Dean is not volunteering around the world, he still provides keynote speaking and consulting for some of the country’s most respected organizations. Dean is one of the country's foremost experts in how to enhance the client experience, how to earn greater client loyalty and The 12 Keys To Win Customers For Life! Dean is also a specialist in Advanced Leadership Training and he helps companies build their leaders, boost engagement, lift job satisfaction, and optimize productivity. Our clients have also raved about Dean's new course called Peak Performance 10X. In this course Dean gives your staff an in-depth look at how everyday people became the Top-Performers, along with the 21 Keys To Break Through Procrastination, Plan A Better Life, & Be Their Best Self. Dean has completed his studies in Narrative Therapy and earned a Master's Level in Cognitive Behavior Therapy from the renowned Hincks-Dellcrest Institute, now called the Sickkids Mental Health Institute, and every seminar is taught with compassion and is infused with key strategies for mental health and wellness.

Dean's powerful speaking style will make your people laugh, smile, think deeper, and in the end they will feel a sense of hope, confidence, and a long list of usable strategies to go and conquer their challenges and be their best heroic self!

If you are planning a meeting or conference, and you want to make it a positive day full of inspiration and education; call our office today and find out how you can have Dean Sampano speak at your next event. It will be a day your people will thank you for and remember for years to come.

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A Great Message for Happiness & Success

So many people spend their whole life trying to find the secret to happiness but over the years, I have come to realize that it’s not about finding it’s about “Being!” You see, it’s not about finding the right women; it’s about “Being” the right man.

I said it’s not about finding the right employees it’s about ‘Being” the right leader and perhaps most of all it’s not about finding the right friends, it’s about ‘Being” the right friend.

For the truth is if you go out looking for great friends they will always seem scarce but if you go and “Be” the right friend, you will find friends every where you go and then you wont ever have to look for happiness or success, because they will be looking for you!     Dean Sampano