Recharging Leadership
6 Steps To Recharge Your Company, People & You. Leadership skills can make the single biggest difference in your relationship, your business and your life. Leadership is the power to influence people and it makes no difference whether you are responsible for a company or a family; great leadership is the power to make positive and lasting change in the lives of the people. This program gives you an in-depth look at what makes the best leaders the best leaders, but also how you can take simple steps to improve the performance and the lives of the people you lead. This program will be a positive session that your leaders will remember for many years to come. Enjoy!

"Dean Sampano’s words could light a fire, who else can do that and quote Solomon and Archimedes too?"
Trevor Cole, Report On Business Magazine

How To Connect With People
8 Keys To Connect With Customers, Co-workers & Family. Do you believe that being able to connect with people, is perhaps one of the greatest skills in life? We believe that to compete in today's market, it's not only about having product skills, but it's also about having great people skills. This unique course teaches people the 8 Keys and science of connecting with people and it gives you and your employees real skills to help them build better connection with their customers, co-workers and family. There is even a special section on how to work effectively with difficult people. If you believe that the ability to connect with people is key to succeed in business and in life, then this is the course that will help you take that right step to better connect with customers, co-workers and family.

"I highly recommend Dean Sampano’s Cd’s, they are very inspirational, thought-provoking and can move people to action"
Don Walker, CEO - Chief Executive Officer, MAGNA, International Inc

Building The Best You
9 Steps To Improve Self Esteem - Mental Health & Joy. Do you believe that a person self-esteem can effect every area of their life? There is no arguing that people who feel great about themselves deliver greater results. The problem is, that with the pressures of today's world, it can slowly begin to wear down and erode your personal self-esteem and sense of self-worth. This wonderful course uses an amazing blend of powerful stories to help you rethink and re-picture yourself from a new and positive perspective. This course gives you the 9 Keys Steps to help you and your people recharge and renew your self-esteem and give simple strategies that help renew your level of joy and quality of your life at work and at home. You are enough! - Are you ready to Recharge?

"Dean’s wisdom is reflected in his words and his actions. He is an incredible speaker."
Dr. Neeti Singh, Eng P. MD

To Victory From Defeat
8 Powerful Keys To Overcoming Challenges & Achieve Your Goals. Have You ever been knocked down in Life? This amazing one-hour motivational course teaches people how to bounce back. It teaches people how to cope with stress and better deal with the everyday struggles of life. And with the power of short stories, it teaches the 9 powerful keys on how everyday people can beat the odds and go to Victory from Defeat. This course will make you and your people laugh and even cry, but in the end you will feel a sense of focus and energy that can help improve your entire life. It will help improve your life!

"Dean Sampano delivered an incredible speech on the power of service and he got a standing ovation at the Canadian Automotive Institute"
Jack Brown, Professor

The Next Level
7 Habits to Impact and Influence People. Would you like to improve your influence with People? Would you like to be able to have more control and impact in life? Well regardless of your career, your success in life will be determined by your ability to impact and Influence people. In this audio course, Dean Sampano uses an amazing blend of stories, science and facts to gives you the 7 Keys to help you stand out in the crowd and to help you make a positive impact on people, your career and your Life. Are you ready to go the Next Level?

"Dean Sampano is one of those people you only meet once in your life and his training and speaking style leaves people energized and empowered"
Farid Ahmad, President, Dealer Solutions North America

The Power of Change
7 Essentials to Positive Change and Happiness. Have you ever wanted to change something about yourself but you couldn't? Why don't people change? Why is it that so many talented people get caught in a rut? Why do so many people keep repeating the same mistakes that causes them deep and lasting pain? Well this amazing 55 Minute Cd gives you the 7 powerful Steps to change and will help you live the life you want. This course will give you the tools to help you crush old fears, break through old barriers and give you the 7 Life Changing Tools to help you go to the next level of your Performance, Happiness, Joy and Life. Get Ready To Change!

"I have seen Dean Sampano, change people for the better. To listen to Dean Sampano speak, he can improve your entire life."
Eric Puranen, Vision Television

Dreams To Destiny Complete Set (all above)
Recharge, Connect, Improve and Overcome.

"Dean Sampano offers amazing and yet simple strategies to improve your business and your life"
Dr. Josh Binstock, 2 Time Canadian Olympian

"I have spent hours listening to Dean and he has an amazing ability to bring out the best in people and inspire positive change"
Rob Tallack, 2 Time Canadian Karate Champion & Entrepreneur

The Good Samaritan Project

Each year the Good Samaritan Project works to raise awareness for those in need. As a corporate citizen, we feel it is our responsibility not only to help those less fortunate but to get involved in projects that will have a generational impact on our planet and help make it a better place to live. If you have a cause that you feel is in need of assistance please submit an outline at: