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More than 15 years ago, I made a list of the poorest countries on the planet. I choose places where people were starving. My goal was to go there and ease their suffering. Since then we have done poverty projects in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, and others. In the last few projects, we have focused on orphan education for girls. Studies show that when girls can read, they marry later in life, they have 2.2 fewer children, and most importantly, they raise kids that can read. When kids can read, they get better jobs, and this improves families, improves countries, and changes lives. We do not take donations and all of our projects are self-funded. Our mission is to help the most vulnerable people on the planet.
Dean Sampano

I am in North Mozambique - Orphan Education Project (Watch Their Power!)
It is our mission and our passion to improve orphan education in the worlds poorest countries. We believe by focusing on the most vulnerable children we give them a chance to make their life better and their community better. When girls learn how to read they have a better chance of rising out of the poverty and we want to give them that chance!
'The Facts Show That When Girls Can Learn To Read They Raise Kids That Can Read! Reading Changings Lives & I feel that’s So Important!'
Dean Sampano
These kids have never seen a white man before and the stores they have heard about white man have not been good. I want to change that story! Dean Sampano
I am in the Omo valley desert and the people here are dying. We drove 8 hours south from Arbaminch into the dry lands to get to the people who were suffering. When we arrived at the tribe with bags of fruit, the big question was who do I feed first? I started with the smallest children first. Then the mothers lined up, holding their babies. Then I as the food ran low I had to choose. Can you imagine having to choose? They were all so desperate, but no one grabbed and each waited patiently in line for hours for one piece of fruit. We did our best with what we had but it was not enough. A very sad day. This constant presence of death has helped me appreciate the essence of life! Dean #Ethiopia

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'We feel it's our duty to give back!'
Dean Sampano
I am in Malawi doing book project for orphans & I met 210 HEROES! These kids have no parents, no security, no inheritance and no stability. Many have been kicked around, put down and cast aside. They have lost almost everything but they haven’t lost their hopes, their dreams, or their courage! Their resiliency is beyond description and they truly inspire me. Special thanks to the principal Brighton Chimkwambala and all of the teachers for making our orphan education project and gift day a great success.

Dean Sampano (South Malawi)

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I am in Congo working on project for Orphan education: Imagine if you were a child born on the Congo River. How would you deal with these fears? Fear of abduction? Fear of rape? Fear of Malaria? Fear of Ebola? Fear of parasitic water? Fear of starvation & the list goes on! Many of these kids in this class are orphans, and they are fighting for their lives.

Yet despite all the fear they have not lost their faith. The faith to believe that tomorrow can be different. The faith to believe that tomorrow can be better. That even when surrounded by all this darkness, they have not lost their light, and they continue to shine. Truly Inspiring!

Dean Sampano

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Church Roof Project – Gihembe Refugee Camp I am in Rwanda and soldiers with large machine guns, man every major corner. After hours of arrangements, we drove into the hills, and after an hour the pavement disappeared. We cautiously rounded the high cliffs on a makeshift road and eventually made it to the refugee camp of Gihembe. Here you will find over 12000 people trying to survive and rebuild. Over 50% of them are children.

It’s a place where your friends respect you no matter what you wear.
It’s a place where you help friends, and they don’t forget about you.
It’s a place where your friends cry for you, when you lose a loved one!
It’s a place where the word loyalty means something.
It’s a placed with no Facebook, but if they need help, they have a village that they can depend on.
Its not a place of stuff and synthetic happiness. It’s a place of organic happiness that springs from a human connection, and is bonded by a common struggle. They have no money, but they have courage. They have no smart phones, but they have compassion. One set of clothes, and the will to rise up. It is perhaps the largest extended family in the world. They are a people of hope, and even in darkness you can still find the Dreams.

The people of Rwanda are amazing, the days of the genocide are long gone, and its definitely a country worth getting involved in. Dean

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'If They Are Going To Be Great Students – Let’s Get Them On A Great Path!'
Dean Sampano
Remember We Are Stronger Together!
Philanthropist & Anti-Poverty Advocate

Hall of Fame Music Legend Tom Cochrane Presents Dean Sampano With Picture World Vision Gala

'It all about the kids, and It was great to Honor Tom for his years of service, but also to honor all the people at World Vision, who devote their lives to making the world a better place.'

'We will never improve our lives until we improve our service'....Dean Sampano

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